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“The First Step to Getting Anywhere is Deciding You’re No Longer Willing to Stay Where you Are”

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Food for Thought

Blog #1 – Kelsey McGillis – Aug 31 2020

Taking the first step in any journey can be scary, full of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. In our minds, we know we want a change because in our hearts, we are not happy. Knowing you are not happy is a sign that you need change. To make change possible, decisions need to be made so you can change where you are. Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. Change starts with an idea, planning, deciding, taking a step, and committing. The price of doing the same thing over and over every day is far higher than the price of change. You can change your life by changing your heart and the wonderful thing is we have the freedom and choice to decide. Every moment in life labelled good or bad leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be. If we fear change because we will fail, what is the worst thing that can happen if we fail? In my eyes, there is no such thing as failure. If we try something in life and fail, that just means we tried something new, we learn a lesson and we try again. Failure is trying and trying is something to be proud of. Failure is not final, and it means you keep trying and do not give up. Athletes need to train to win. Trying is training to win. You are worth trying. You are worth the energy. You are worth facing your fears. You are worth every single step you take. You are worth deciding to make a change and listen to your heart.

When I made the decision to lose my 100 lbs, I was terrified. I knew I had to acknowledge something needed to be done and what if I tried to change and failed. What if I started and everyone thought less of me because I failed? At the time, I looked at loosing 100lbs like climbing Mount Everest wearing flip flops and did not know where to even begin. I felt like I was asking myself to do something impossible. Really what did I have to lose to begin and to try? What I did know was, I did not want to stay where I was which was having no energy, exhausted, getting the flu all the time, run down, feeling gross, tired my clothes did not fit, out of breath climbing stairs and always wanting to hide. Deciding to start is what made my journey possible. Deciding to climb that mountain and trusting myself that I would find the right resources to guide me through my journey. The beginning for me was deciding I needed to change my life and that was the best decision of my entire life. It did not come easy but nothing in this life that is worth having comes easy. Making that one decision that I was ready to start and I needed to start which has led me to where I am today. Today I am healthy, feel good, have a strong immune system, and have energy, which is my continuous motivation.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and know your worth. Find your motivation, believe in yourself, trust yourself, face your fears and the decision is yours. Once you have a desire engraved in your heart, that engraved idea will always be with you until you start. You are stronger than you think, give it a try!

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